1) Nang’s Mixed Starters (minimum for 2 persons) £11.95

A combination of chicken satay, vegetable spring rolls,

chicken on toasts, fried dim sums and king prawn tempuras,

served with a variety of sauce.

2) Aromatic Duck (minimum for 2 persons) Quarter £10.50

Half £18.50

Accompanied by steamed pancakes, cucumber,

spring onions and Hoi Sin sauce.


3) Satay Kai £5.25

Marinated grilled chicken skewers, served with peanut sauce.

4) Kanom Jeep (Thai Dim Sum) £5.25

Steamed minced prawns & chicken dumplings,

served with light soya sauce.

5) Po Pia Pak (V) £4.85

Vegetables spring rolls, served with sweet chilli sauce.

7) Mixed Seafood Tempura £6.75

Crispy mixed seafood in tempura batter,

served with sweet chilli sauce


9) Po Pia Phed £5.50

Giant duck spring rolls, served with Hoi Sin sauce.

10) Crazy wings £5.25

Chicken wings coated with our own recipe sweet & sticky

tamarind sauce.

11) Silly Ribs £5.25

Spare ribs in garlic & black pepper sauce.

12) Tempura Pak (V) £4.85

Deep fried crispy medley of vegetables,

served with sweet chili sauce.


13) Calamari £5.75

Deep fried squid, served with sweet chilli sauce.

14) Kanom Pang Nah Kai £5.25

Deep fried chicken on toast with sesame seeds on top,

served with sweet chilli sauce.

15) Edamame (V) £4.50

Steamed Japanese green beans with spiced salt.

16) Thai Prawns Cracker £2.50

Served with sweet chilli sauce.


17) Tom Yum Koong £5.25

A classic famous hot & sour lemongrass soup

with king prawns, mushrooms, fresh herbs and chilli.

18) Tom Kar Kai £4.95

Coconut soup with chicken, mushrooms, fresh herbs

and chilli.

19) Tom Yum Hed (V) £4.65

Hot and sour lemongrass soup with mushrooms,

fresh herbs and chilli.

20) Bangkok Soup £4.95

Beef broth with noodles, bean sprouts and vegetables.

Thai Salads (Spicy & Sour)

22) Yum Neau £10.95

Char-grilled Sirloin beef in spicy dressing and vegetables.

23) Larb Tofu (V) £7.25

Spicy salad with mushrooms and bean curds.

24) Larb Pla £9.25

Crispy Sea bass fillet salad with exotic herbs.

25) Nam Tok £8.95

An optional of pork or duck salad with exotic herbs.

26) Larb Kai £8.95

Traditional Thai minced chicken salad with spices

27) Pla Talay Raum £9.25

Medley of seafood salad with exotic herbs

28) Papaya Pok Pok (Som Tum) £7.95

Famous Thai papaya salad with king prawns,

ground peanut, long bean, chilli and herbs

Thai Grilled Dishes

29) Meung Yang (Grilled squid) £10.50

Whole grilled marinated squid, served with seafood sauce.


30) Sia Rong Hai (Tiger Cry) £10.95

Grilled Sirloin beef, served with hot dip and mint leaves.

31) Kai Yang Nam Peung £8.75

Chicken breast marinated in honey-herbs,

served with sweet chilli sauce.

32) Moo Yang £8.75

Grilled marinated barbeque pork,

served with sweet chilli sauce.

Stir-Fried Dishes

Be creative! Create your own dish by selecting sauce and meat;

A choice of chicken, pork or beef £7.75

A choice of duck or prawns £8.50

Vegetables & tofu* £6.95


34) Pad Bai Kra Pow*

A Traditional Thai stir-fried with basil leaves and vegetables in

spicy sauce.

35) Pad Kra Tiem

A stir-fried dish with garlic and pepper sauce, served with a

bed of salad leaves.

36) Pad Med Ma Muang*

A popular stir- fried dish with cashew nuts and vegetables in

light brown oyster sauce.

37) Pad Priew Wan*

A pan-fried dish in sweet & sour sauce with pineapples and

assorted vegetables.

38) Pad Nam Mun Hoi

An all time favourite stir-fried dish with oyster sauce and


39) Pad Nam Prit Pao

A stir-fried dish with sweet chilli paste and vegetables.

Thai Curries


40) Kang Kiew Wan

Green curry with coconut milk. Medium spicy

A choice of chicken or beef £7.75

A choice of prawns £8.50

Vegetables & tofu £6.95

41) Kang Dang

Red curry cooked in coconut milk. Medium spicy

A choice of chicken or beef £7.75

A choice of prawns £8.50

Vegetables & tofu £6.95

42) Kang Panang

Tasty slightly thick curry with coconut cream sauce and Thai


A choice of chicken, pork or beef £7.75

A choice of prawns £8.50

43) Kang Massaman £7.75

Southern of Thailand’s mild curry with potatoes, peanuts

and coconut milk. Choice of chicken or beef.

44) Kang Pa £7.75

Jungle curry”: choice of chicken or beef; the hottest curry

without coconut milk

45) Kang Phed £8.95

Roasted duck curry with coconut milk, pineapples,

tomatoes and lychees.

Chef’s Recommended Dishes

46) Masaman Ka Kae £13.95

Lamb shank in mild Masaman curry with coconut cream sauce.

47) Sia Yim (Tiger Smile) £10.95

Sirloin beef with black pepper sauce, red & green peppers

and spring onions.

48) Phed Ma Karm £10.50

Quarter of duck topped with tamarind sauce

49) Phed Kee Mao (Drunken Duck) £9.95

Stir–fried roasted duck with chilli, bamboo shoots

and Thai spices, relatively hot.


50) Moo Krob Nam Peung £8.95

Crispy pork topped with honey sauce served with Pak Choi.

Seafood’s Specialities Dishes

51) Pla Sea Bass Rad Prit (allow 15 minutes) £13.50

Crispy Sea bass fillet topped with chef’s special slightly sweet

& spicy sauce.

52) Pla Sea Bass Neung Tao-See (allow 15 minutes) £13.50

Steamed Sea bass fillet in light soya, ginger and black bean



53) Pla Sea bass Yang Takrai (allow 15 minutes) £13.50

Grilled Sea bass fillet with lemongrass and Thai herbs,

served with seafood sauce.

54) Sea Mates £10.50

Deep fried prawns and squids with garlic and black pepper.

55) Pad Poh Tak £10.50

Hot and spicy mixed seafood stir-fried with red curry paste

and Thai herbs.

56) Talay Ruam £10.50

Mixed seafood with mushrooms and ginger yellow bean


57) Pinky in Paradise £10.50

Fried king prawns topped with spicy & sour herbal sauce

and cashew nuts.


58) Steamed Rice £2.40

59) Egg Fried Rice £2.90

60) Coconut Rice £2.90

61) Sticky Rice £2.90

62) Pineapple Rice £3.70

63) Chilli Fried Rice £9.25

Fried rice in smooth green curry paste with chicken,

beef, basil leaves and chilli, medium spicy,

present nicely with king prawn tempura.


64) Nang Special Fried Rice £9.50

Fried rice in tom yum paste with king prawns,

lemon grass, mushrooms, tomato & lime.


65) Pad Thai £8.25

Traditional Thai stir-fried thin rice noodles

with king prawns, egg and bean sprouts.

Garnished with ground peanuts.

66) Pad Kee Mao £7.95

Spicy stir-fried rice noodles with beef & basil leaves

67) Kiew Tiew Pad See Yew £7.95

Stir-fried rice noodles with chicken, egg, vegetables

and soya sauce.

68) Pad Mee

Stir-fried egg noodles with oyster sauce and vegetables Small £4.95

Large £6.95

69) Singapore Noodles £9.25

Wok-fried egg noodles with chicken, prawns,

chilli, curry powder, egg, and vegetables.

70) Pad Pak Ruam £5.95

Stir-fried mixed seasonal vegetables with oyster sauce.

71) Pak Choi £6.25

Stir-fried Pak Choi in oyster sauce.

72) Pad Broccoli £6.25

Stir-fried Broccoli in oyster sauce.

73) Green Lover £6.95

Stir-fried seasonal green vegetables in garlic & soya sauce.

Nang’s Favourite Oriental Boxes

(Rice or Noodles)

Mince chicken Pad Bai Kaprow topped with fried egg on rice £10.50

Grilled Sirloin beef with Teriyaki sauce on rice


Korean style spicy pork on rice


Stir-fried Udon noodles

with crispy king prawns in black bean sauce


Spicy egg noodles with mixed seafood and vegetables



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